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Status: Complete
Type: Videogame
Technology: C#, Unity Engine

This project was prompted when my brother approached me with the idea of doing a Game Jam together, which while I had other projects I wanted to work on, sounded like a good enough idea. And so I became the programmer for a game that I didn’t have the time for.

The game itself is a 2D side scroller with basic combat, upgrades, special weapons and a limited boss fight. It’s not long by any means as time was a luxury during development. The art assets were mostly sourced from art made available online (with proper licensing/explicit permission). Sounds were also limited, and the game even lacked music, sadly.

I’m not exactly proud of the code I wrote for the game, it’s pretty glitchy and not everything works as intended in the release. For instance the zombie AI in the second level simply doesn’t work, despite me not changing it from it’s working state.

I’ve already written more about this game in a post done closer to when I worked on it here. I’ve made the post you’re reading right now for the sake of uniformity when it comes to project review post, but if you want to read more specifics I’d advise you read the prior post, or maybe even play the game a little bit.