Project: Ghost Holic

  1. Design and Planning – Ghost Holic
  2. Ghost Holic – Day 2 Dev Diary
  3. Ghost Holic – Day 3 Dev Diary
  4. Conceptualization: Houses in Ghost Holic
  5. Ghost Holic – Day 4 Dev Diary
  6. Ghost Holic – Day 5
  7. Ghost Holic – A few days later.
  8. Ghost Holic – Building the Goal Map
  9. Project: Ghost Holic

Status: In Progress
Type: Videogame
Technology: Unity Engine, C#

Ghost Holic is a passion project of mine- a game I’m making out of a pure desire to see it happen more than anything else. To put it simply the concept is taking a game that already exists Phasmophobia and replace it’s traditionally made maps with procedurally generated ones. The hope is that this’ll add to replay-ability and allow players to experience more things they want regularly (and even replay the same map using seeds, if they want).

Currently I’m working on the Procedural Generator for single floor houses, then I’ll hopefully be able to make good enough maps to move on to core mechanics of the game such as evidence and hunting. After I’m done with that I’ll go back to the generator and begin work on multi floor houses and then do some refinement before releasing a basic playable version to the public. Until then I hope images and words suffice to explain the work I’ve done. If you want to read more about this project I tend to do updates every day I work on it (Which hasn’t been much as of late, sadly)