Ghost Holic – Building the Goal Map

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  8. Ghost Holic – Building the Goal Map
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As I’ve discussed in the previous updates- one of the key things to realizing my design will be creating a map that visualizes the goal. Today I’ve been working on that exact map and will be discussing some things here.

One of the big insights that I’ve gained about the generator is that 3 Meters is simply too big a scale to actually generate on. It’s fine when we want big rooms but a bathroom really doesn’t fit too well in 3 meters, but 6 meters is too long. So I’ll be needing to design it to be smaller in scale for the small details.

One big thing that making this house does though is that it helps me assure myself that I have all the assets I need for a house. But also getting these assets takes a while so I don’t have much to show for today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.