Ghost Holic – Day 3 Dev Diary

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Today the game is looking a little different!

Today development was focused on Equipment and the player’s ability to interact with the world. Which makes me feel like I’ve done somewhat less than I did yesterday with AI, but maybe that’s just me being newer to AI more so than the whole inventory stuff. I also made my testing map nice and dark for testing lights, including a new night skybox.

Today I’ve made a working Flashlight, EMF Reader, Thermometer (That big box with numbers on it), Lighter, and Candle. They’re no where near ready for a proper game but they’re functional prototypes which is what matters. You probably cant really tell what they’re supposed to be at first glance, but hey that’s what further development is needed for. Besides the basic gameplay isn’t necessarily my focus, this is just a distraction from the innovation that I’ll be attempting: the procedural generator.

Additionally I’ve made all the systems for equipping and unequipping these items, as well as allowing the player to use interactables (Lightswitches, Breakers) which was easy due to how I had previously designed it.

Tomorrow I could continue adding the equipment, but I might sidetrack into adding some sounds. I’m not quite too sure yet.