Ghost Holic – Day 2 Dev Diary

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The Ghost Zoo Map

Hello and before I begin- thank you for following the development of my game Ghost Holic. Today I have some very unexciting news since I’m simply trying to track my day to day development of this game.

Today is the second day I’ve worked on this game. And well I’ve done some things!

A Post-It note of some things I’ve done.

For instance I’ve made it so that now the Ghost can roam! And interact with the breaker and Lightswitch through an Interactable Base class that makes it easy to make new things to interact with. This will also serve to make it easy for players to have interaction options themselves! Hurrah for Inheritance!

public class Interactable : MonoBehaviour
    public virtual void Interact() { }

This is literally how small my Interactable base class is without includes. Pretty funny, if I’m to be honest.
In all honesty, a lot of the development has gone fairly smoothly. For instance I now have it so that the ghost will move around on it’s own and is free to mess with objects in the environment however it likes. The Ghost doesn’t have a personality yet, that’s for later. But it’s starting to take shape and with everything working implementing individualized ghosts that have a personality shown through their interactions and movement will be very quick as long as I know what I want.

The current Ghost in Editor

And I’ve started getting basic player controls as well as a basic EMF system. Anyhow I’m not going to exhaust my talking points every post so I’ll leave it there for now. Thanks for reading.