Project: Golf Demo

  1. Golf Demo – Part One
  2. Golf Demo – Scoreboard
  3. Golf Demo – Colorful Names
  4. Golf Demo – Finale
  5. Project: Golf Demo

Status: Complete
Type: Videogame
Technology: C#, Unity

Golf Demo was a demo game that I had made to try and learn some networking code for games. Since the only real networking I had coded previously was communication between webscripts and databases I didn’t really know how this would go. Thankfully it worked!

I’ve done a lot of writing about the development process as I was making it already so I’ll keep this short. I ran into some problems with Unity’s separate documentation for their new networking API and didn’t want to download more stuff like their example projects to figure out what was going on, but eventually I got through everything. The most frustration was probably caused by my own laziness though, since I was developing this in the project the networking package comes in, which you’re supposed to manually separate the files from. However it didn’t stop me from making a little simple game for my own enjoyment.
The game itself is simple, it’s a little minigolf game where you can play golf, but mini. The course is short but made annoying to get the real minigolf experience. I made proper out of bounds handling and some other things as well, but the focus was making a working networked game and I ended up making it. You can host games, play single player, and of course join someone else hosting, all via IP address since I wasn’t going to make a server browser or lobby system for a test run.