Golf Demo – Finale

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At last I’ve completed work on the Golf Demo that I’ve been working on for what feels like two or three months but if I go by the time I’ve spent blogging about it has only been a little over a month. Halloween and Thanksgiving here in the U.S. has come and gone and so have my finals for this semester (Which I’m happy to say went very well), I’ve transferred this site over from my personal home server to webhosting that I’ve rented, and finally for the main topic I’ve completed that last requirement for my Minigolf demo game to be feature complete. And to the one person reading all these (being me) that means I made it so remote clients can connect to each other and play. Previously servers were only connecting to clients on the same computer, but now I added a menu that will change port and ip configuration, for both hosting and connecting.

The Golf Demo running on two different computers, on two different versions of Windows.

This wasn’t all that crazy a change, just some UI changed in Unity and then a total of about 8 lines of code. Took maybe an hour. It wasn’t even that complicated, and was actually one of the things easily found on the Unity Netcode Documentation.

Now all that’s to do is… nothing really, at least development wise. Making a better (Or ‘Actual’) game might be the right choice if I wanted to make this into a product but to do that properly would be doable but take even more work. Unfortunately I have my brain focused on other programming endeavors that I’d prefer to be tackling, even if I haven’t actually started work on those yet. Namely I want to make some more LED stuff which shouldn’t take too long, and that’ll be something super satisfying since it’s something for my personal use in my room. Then I want to make another game, one about ghost hunting, and make it more complete than my current demos.

And then what. Well I have to finish work on the portfolio site (This one right here) that I’ve been putting it off for at least three or so months. I mainly want to write some more and make the main page prettier with some more images and probably image carousels, and probably change the background to a video background instead of the rendered 3d one I have currently because I honestly have no Idea what I’d make with a rendered background, and especially what I could do with a 3d background compared to a video background beyond superficial interactivity. And maybe I’ll go back and finish some stuff with Susminer, but that project’s code was a lot of spaghetti written in the haste and fervor of rushed programming with the little time I had. So I’ll probably be doing the same with the ghost game this year instead.