Project: VRC Basement

  1. Project: Bugtrakt
  2. Project: Imgalib
  3. Project: Go Fish!
  4. Project:
  5. Arduino Light effects
  6. Project: Mini Stacker
  7. Project: Arduino NES Controller
  8. Project: Metroidvania-Like
  9. Project: Susminer
  10. Project: Farming Demo
  11. Project: VRC Basement
  12. Project: Hash Clear
  13. Project: Titan Help
  14. Project: Computer Craft Scripts
  15. Project: ESP8266 Plant Watering
  16. Project: Golf Demo
  17. Project: Ghost Holic
  18. Project: Multi-Chat Viewer

Status: Complete
Type: Game Addon
Technology: Unity Engine

This is a project to show off some familiarity in Unity. It’s also where I begun to learn how to use Probuilder, a 3D modeling plugin for Unity, and tested my ability to develop materials in Unity for future projects. Sometimes I make projects like this for my own amusement and it is certainly easy to boot into VR chat into my own world to just relax away from the world sometimes.