Project: Titan Help

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Status: Complete
Type: Website
Technology: ASP.NET, Razor, Blazor, C#

Titan Help was a website assignment that was part of a class in Web Development concepts, primarily pertaining to architecture such as the simple layered architecture that the project follows. In essence there’s a seperate front end, which can call to the back end which reaches into the data layer of the project to retrieve info, process it, and send it back to the front end for display. This segmented code style allows for improved modularity and the easy exchange of individual components for stability.

This project was supposed to be a group project that’d take place over three weeks but due to various circumstances, such as a hurricane ravaging Florida, we only had around half a week in reality and had to simply push through the issues and get it done. Needless to say it’s not a project I’m exactly proud of but it’s something that works, which is important when it’s the final grade in a class.

Funnily enough the project was similar to that of the assignment I had for Bugtrakt, a ticketing system. This time however it was for support rather than bug tracking. However, since the technology running it was completely different this project shared no code with it whatsoever, in fact it shares more in common with the default Blazor app since it’s styling is what we ended up using since the project was not being graded on style but rather usability and architecture implementation.