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Status: Incomplete
Type: Videogame
Technology: C#, Unity Engine

A screenshot of my last build of the game that I made

Susminer was a game that was thought up as a joke between a friend and I, when we were talking about game ideas. It started as a joke about where we were talking about putting every popular game around into one. A hybrid of Among Us, Battle Royal Games, and Minecraft/Terraria like games. Sadly, none of that would come close to where I got since my friend had bailed pretty early on, and I while I made things that worked, I realized partially through development that in order to make everything work efficiently (Read:Usable) I’d have to restructure the world code from scratch to support it. Then my brother wanted to make a game as well which resulted in the Metroidvania type game. So until then it’s on hiatus.

Some of the challenges I faced while working on the game was related to procedural generation, as I was making worlds from scratch, and even tried to make a dynamically drawn sky but sadly that didn’t go too well. At the time of the last build I had a simple combat system, a dumb AI enemy, health, blocks with various breaking speeds, tools that would help you break blocks faster, crafting (Though I dont remember how), and probably a few more things I didn’t write about or remember.

If you want to read some more info about this project I’ve done some posts about it while working on it (Though they were originally for my personal journal, so the dates are off), and they should be accessible in the series tab above.