Hello, I'm William Tre West.

I Make
  • Games.
  • Websites.
  • Code.
  • 3D Prints.
  • Games.

Here I show off my work.

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About Me_

I'm William Tre West, a programmer and bachelor's student in Florida. I'm expected to graduate in May 2023. I've done a lot of work programming- and that's my main focus in working. For fun I use my talents to make games, and blog about them here on my blog. I also like making small things using the Arduino Platform in the PlatformIO IDE. I also like 3D Printing and show off some of my creations on my other blog, weeb3d.tk.

My Projects_

Web Design

> Bugtrakt

> Imgalib

> Go Fish

> trewest.dev

> Titan Help

Arduino Projects

> String Light Effects

> Stacker

> NES Controller

> Automatic Plant Watering


> Castlevania Like

> Sus Miner

> Farming Game

> Golf Demo

> Ghost Holic

> VR Chat World: Basement


> Hash Clear

> Computer Craft Scripts

Certificates & Education

> Associates in Science: Computer Programming and Analysis

> Microsoft Technology Associate: Software Development Fundamentals

> Microsoft Technology Associate: Introduction to Programming using Java

> Microsoft Technology Associate: Windows Operating System Fundamentals

> Lynda.com: Learning C#

> Lynda.com: JavaScript Essential Training (2011)

> Lynda.com: Introduction to Web Design and Development

> Microsoft Office

Contact Me

If you wish to contact me for any reason, please send me an Email here: tre@trewest.dev,
You can look at all my personal projects on Github, my username is TreWestWilliam.

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