Project: Susminer

Susminer was a game that was thought up as a joke between a friend and I, when we were talking about game ideas. It started as a joke about where we were talking about putting every popular game around into one. A hybrid of Among Us, Battle Royal Games, and Minecraft/Terraria like games….

Arduino Light effects

In November of 2021 my interest in Arduino, something I had vaguely known of for years. It wasn’t until someone on Youtube who goes by Dave’s Garage made a video that showed up in my recommended feed going over the programming of WS2812B ARGB Strip lights. And so I promptly did my own in a Arduino Emulator which basically allows you to code everything without the physical hardware. Anyhow, the code is below.

Project:, formerly My own portfolio site, which I then tacked a WordPress blog onto. Originally I had hoped to do some impressive things with it. For instance I had considered making a VR equivalent to it, which I might still do. The main difference between what I had wanted to do and still might do is that I wanted the original to be integrated in the site as a dynamic 3D background…

Project: Go Fish!

Go Fish is a website project focused on clean web design and was made during my Introductory web design course in College (That I had to take despite making sites for fun for years). It’s based around a fictional Restaurant called Go Fish and has all the bells and whistle’s you’d find in a majority of sites for “mom and pop” restaurants…

Project: Imgalib

mgalib was a project I undertook when I had been challenging myself to leave my Windows desktop on as long as possible. Whilst doing so, Windows File Explorer stopped generating thumbnail images, and the image viewer built into windows as effectively useless for browsing. And so I undertook a dirty workaround for image hosting….